Share ideas for activities in National All Rounder Championship

National All Rounder Championship (NARC) is a unique way to gamify self-learning & continuous improvement towards holistic development for children of every age group. If you have any idea/activity which you believe can help any children learn an important life skill, please share your idea in the form below. Our content team will consider your recommendation to include as an activity in future version of NARC.

Key factors to consider while recommending any activity:

  1. Teaches an important life skill to the child (e.g. speaking & thinking together, unlearning & learning, self-defense, nurture imagination etc.)

  2. Should require zero monetary investment for parents/child (either easily available at home or can be borrowed easily from someone)

  3. Can be easily done at home/neighbourhood (keeping in mind expected extent of Corona in our lives over coming months)

  4. Requires low screen time (for kids <8 years old)

  5. Child can do himself/herself for 2-4 hours over a few days independently (allowing parents free time)

  6. Recording for submission does not require more than 2 people's involvement

  7. Probability of recording video correctly when desired should be high (re-recording attempts should be minimum)

  8. Assessment has low degree of subjectivity (evaluation done by different coaches should not have different rating)

  9. Assessment has low degree of plagiarism (validation that child did the activity by self in submission itself)