KidEx Gratitude Program (KGP) is Rewards program for KidEx customers

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Sharing is Caring

If you like us, introduce your network to us.


They get special offers, you get attractive

benefits & we grow faster.

Earn KGP reward points for every "Sharing is Caring" activity

Enrol kid in 2 activities

Earn 200 KGP points for every month when kid enrols for 2 activities  with KidEx


Enrol 2 or more kids

Earn 300 KGP points for every month when 2 or more siblings enrol with KidEx


Refer a friend/relative

Earn up to 200 KGP points every month for refering your network for KidEx classes

Refer a coach

Earn up to 200 KGP points every month for refering a top quality coach to KidEx


Refer a school/company/society

Earn up to 10,000 KGP points for every successful referral by connecting to right decision maker

Refer a friend/relative (Only for KidEx customers)


Let us know about your network who might be interested to book a KidEx course for their kid


Recommend us to you contact & ask them to refer you to avail special discount from KidEx

You get 25 KGP points for every referral (up to 8 per month) & additional 175 points for every successful referral

Your referral gets 10% off on their 1st KidEx purchase

Refer a school/company/society


If you like us, talk about us to the decision maker in any organization on your network (school / company / society)

Connect us with them if our services (All Rounder Kids, Live Classes) could be of interest to them

We manage the entire discussion & do not trouble you at all

If the organization becomes a KidEx customer, we express our gratitude to you & share 10,000 KGP Rewards points with you

If the organization does not become a KidEx customer, your support meant a lot & we share 500 KGP Rewards points with you

Refer a coach

Do you know a high quality coach for any kids' activity/course who meets KidEx quality bar?

Refer them NOW - let's share their brilliance with kids all over India & the World

You get 50 KGP points for every referral (up to 4 per month) & add. 150 points for every successful referral


Redeeming KGP Rewards

Invest in future KidEx courses for your kid(s)


Gift to a friend/relative to invest in KidEx course for their kid(s)


Donate to any child development NGO of your choice

* Value of KGP points may be revised with time. Starting 1 Sep 2020, INR 1 = 2 KGP points. Any change in values will be notified to users. To redeem your points, drop us an email with details at