Rules & Guidelines for National All Rounder Championship 2021

Last updated: 4 Jul 2021

Please find below the key rules & guidelines related to the event for your reference. Use "Ctrl F" (desktop/laptop) or "Find in page" (Mobile phones) feature to type keyword & search the relevant topic on your mind easily.

A. About Gulf National All Rounder Championship

Gulf ​National All Rounder Championship is an event aimed at the holistic development of each & every Indian child. Key details:

  • Organized for children aged 3 to 17 years

  • Open for all Indian children based in Gulf countries

  • Organized once every year: 15 August to 14 Nov

  • Online; does not require any travel; participate from their home and/or anywhere

The upcoming version of the event is scheduled from 15th Aug 2021 to 14th Nov 2021. Children born on or between 16th Aug 2003 and 15th Aug 2018 can participate.

​The event includes 30 age-appropriate activities across 5 development themes. Each development theme involves 6 activities.

  • Cognitive skills. E.g., Speed cubing.

  • Socio-emotional skills. E.g., Gender bias.

  • Language & communication skills. E.g., Foreign languages.

  • Creativity & imagination skills. E.g., Rap song.

  • Physical skills. E.g., Martial Arts.

Activities are age-appropriate for the development milestone, i.e., activity for a 5-year-old will be different from the activity for a 14-year-old.

All the activities will be accessible on our website without requiring any login id & password. Every activity comes with a self-learning manual including video tutorials. The children are expected to self-learn the activity & submit their best entry online for every activity in the form of photos/videos. ​

B. Registration guidelines

​Registration in the event is a must for participation.

  • You will be able to access the activities on the KidEx website even without registration, however

  • Your submissions will not be evaluated by the judges if you are an unregistered participant

  • You will not be eligible for any leaderboard or certificates/trophies/medals/prizes

  • You will not receive any update emails from KidEx team

​Any individual can register as Regular participant only in the event.

  • Regular registration gets 3 Free Reviews. Reviews are explained below in the Evaluation guidelines section. Regular participants can buy additional reviews by paying additional amount, if desired.

  • Regular registration gets 0 Activity classes.

  • Regular participants do not get Whatsapp Groups support. Regular participants cannot get access to this service by paying separately.

  • Regular participants do not get “Request Callback” support. Regular participants cannot get access to this service by paying separately.

Individuals can register in the event only on paid basis.

  • Price for Regular registration is INR 5,000/- per participant

  • KidEx can nominate any number of schools selectively & gift them 200 FREE Regular Registrations for their school

  • Every registered participant can form team by inviting 4 team members to become part of his/her team for FREE by registering as Regular participant. Details below in NBA Team section.

Any individual who pays & registers for the event becomes a paid participant & will not be refunded the money in case the school of the child later nominates the child to participate in the event. The refund process is an effort taking process & hence, we will not be able to support refund for such cases.

Registration for the event starts for all from 5th July 2021. Registration for individuals is open till 15th Nov 2021. To register a team, the last date is 15th Nov 2021 (for more details, check NBA team section).

C. Participation guidelines

After registration wait for the event to begin & follow KidEx Facebook Group or your registered email address for updates.

  • All updates would be published on the Facebook Group

  • Important & critical updates would be sent over email to the participants

  • Name of activities for NARC 2021 would be released on or before 5th July 2021

  • Complete activity descriptions with activity manuals for every activity should be released starting 15th Aug 2021 & would be completed before 31st Aug 2021

Children & parents are requested to be careful to not click “Unsubscribe” button on emails sent by KidEx. Resubscribing to mailing list is currently not supported. If you click “Unsubscribe” accidently or knowingly, you will have to request updating your email address to start receiving emails from KidEx. Clicking “Unsubscribe” twice accidently results in discontinuation from the event & the person cannot re-subscribe to the mailing list. You will not receive the Scorecards or any updates related to your participation if you are Unsubscribed. To know more about Scorecards, read Evaluation Guidelines section.

D. Submission guidelines

​Children should be encouraged to self-learn, master the activity and submit their entries on the KidEx Website for evaluation by panel of judges.

  • Submissions for the next event will start from 1st Sep 2021

  • The participants can submit their entries anytime over a period of 3 months

  • Submission links would be visible on the age-specific activity pages from 1st Sep 2021

  • Any activity can be submitted twice i.e., once originally & one re-submission

  • Activities can be submitted in any order

  • Last date for submission is 14 Nov 2021

Although a participant can submit all of their entries on 14th Nov  2021, we encourage participants to continue to submit their entries frequently to allow

  • Spacing out learning for continued engagement & development of children

  • Re-submission for an activity giving the child opportunity to better her/his performance and aim for best rating

If you feel your child cannot participate in all the activities, we suggest select those activities for your child which the child will find most beneficial. Let the child benefit from self-learning & all rounded development.

Entries would either be in the form of a video of the child performing the activity (yoga mudras, commentary etc.) or a picture of the output (painting / write-up etc.) produced by the child as instructed in the manual. If any submission is different from the manual instructions (e.g., if YouTube link is submitted instead of photo/video submission), the entry would not be evaluated.

Submitted entries are evaluated by our judges who assign ratings to the submissions as per the instructions given in the activity manual.

E. Evaluation guidelines

​Each entry will be evaluated as either

  • EX – Expert, 150% score

  • M – Master, 100% score

  • I – Intermediate, 80% score

  • B – Beginner, 50% score

  • A - Aspirant, 25% score

  • NA – Not applicable, 0% score

Criteria for evaluation for each activity will be included in the manual.

The ratings for every submission would be shared periodically with the participants on their registered email address as a system generated mail. This will include your submission status against every activity & rating for every assessed submission. The indicative timelines for scorecards are as follows:

  • First scorecard would be shared on or before 8th Sep 800 AM IST (basis submissions till 1st Sep)

  • Till 31st Oct, scorecards would be shared every Wednesday at or before 800 AM IST basis submissions till previous Wednesday

  • From 1st Aug to 13th Aug, scorecards would be shared every Wed & Sun at or before 800 AM IST basis submissions till previous Wed & Sun respectively

  • Final scorecard (before final reviews request) would be published on 21st Nov 2021

  • Final scorecard (after all reviews) would be published on 28th Nov 2021

Note: The timelines are indicative, and the organizers retain the right to change the timeliness due to any circumstances.  Changes would be communicated to the participants through either of the Social Media (e.g., Facebook).

In case of multiple entries for an activity by a kid, best rating received across all entries for the activity will be considered.

The decision of evaluating judges will be final. However, parents & participants will be able to raise REVIEW requests to get the entry re-assessed and understand rationale for the specific rating. Request for REVIEWS can be made online through KidEx website. Link will be shared on 8th Sep 2021.

  • Maximum 10 reviews can be requested by any participant

  • A review can be requested only within first 7 days of having received the rating for that submission

  • After re-submission for any activity is done, review cannot be requested for the previous submission

  • A review is counted as requested if the rating for the activity does not change post review

  • Reviews will not result in downgrading of previously assigned rating

  • Every participant gets a few FREE reviews (basis their registration type): Regular (3)

  • Additional reviews would be chargeable at rate of INR 499/- per review

Basis the submissions, ratings, review results & scorecards, leaderboards would be published for the event.

F. Leaderboard guidelines

Multiple leaderboards are published to keep the children excited about learning & participating. Leaderboards are published basis age of the child, development theme & participating geography type of the child.

  • 15 age categories

  • 6 themes: Overall All Rounder & 5 Development Themes

  • 2 geography types: Overall Gulf, Country

Leaderboards will be published for every geography for such development themes & age groups in which minimum 7 children participate & score min. 20%.

Leaderboard would be created basis total score achieved by the child i.e., highest followed by lower scores. In event of tie, rank would be decided by total score divided by total number of submissions by any child i.e., child with less re-submissions would be ranked higher than the child with more re-submissions in case both have the same total score.

Standard competition ranking system is followed in the Championship i.e., if two individuals end up getting the same rank (e.g., 3), then the next best participant would get rank 5 and not 4.

Multiple interim leaderboards would be published to gamify self-learning for children before publishing the final leaderboard. The leaderboards would be published on KidEx website as a read only document to enable ease of reading for participants. The indicative timeline for Leaderboards is as follows:

  • First Interim Leaderboard would be shared on or before 8th Sep 800 PM IST (basis submissions till 1st Sep)

  • Till 31st Oct, Interim Leaderboards would be shared every Wednesday at or before 800 PM IST basis submissions till previous Wednesday

  • From 1st Nov to 13th Nov, Interim Leaderboards would be shared every Wed & Sun at or before 800 PM IST basis submissions till previous Wed & Sun respectively

  • Interim Leaderboards (before final reviews request) would be published on 21st Nov 2021 at or before 800 PM IST

  • Final Leaderboards (after all reviews) would be published before 28th Nov 2021 1200 AM IST

While Overall Gulf Leaderboards will start from 8th Sep, start dates for Country leaderboards would be determined basis the participation level across these regions and communicated to all participants through Social Media (Facebook Group).

In addition, school level leaderboards may be published and will be shared with the school management team only on a fortnightly basis starting 15th Aug. Anyone wanting to see school leaderboard should request the school authority for the same. Kindly note that child’s individual performance across activities is not shared with the school & only class wise leaderboard is shared with the school management.

KidEx will request documents for registration details verification of the participant closer to the end of the Championship & anyone found to have furnished wrong details would be disqualified. The decision of management would be full & final on this.

G. School Ranking basis Holistic Development Index (HDI)

Every participating school in the event gets assigned a HDI score basis the participation level & performance rating of their school students.

  • Number of participating students from school (min 1 submission). Max score at 500 participating students.

  • Avg. number of activities per participating student from school. Max score at 30 activities.

  • Avg. rating per activity per participating student. Max score at 150%.

  • Number of leaders in top 3 in Overall Country & Country level leaderboards across all age category for Overall All Rounder theme. Max score at 15.

The weightage for each of these factors vary.

HDI rank for schools get calculated for only those schools which are registering their students directly in the event. For students, who register independently in the event, their schools are not considered for the HDI ranks.

If any participating child does not provide the school's name during registration, that child’s performance is not considered in the school’s performance & HDI rank calculations.

H. National Best Allrounder Team (NBA Team)

Participants can participate as team as well in the event. It allows peer to peer learning amongst participants.

  • 5 individuals can form the team together – not more, not less

  • Last date to register as a team is 15th Oct 2021

  • Any 5 individuals across any age group or any geography or any school can form a team together

Team formation is FREE for any registered participant in the National All Rounder Championship.

  • When any individual registers for the event, either paid or free, the individual receives a registration confirmation mail from KidEx on the provided email address during registration

  • The confirmation email contains a link to form your team

  • The individual can share email address & name of 4 team members with whom the person wants to form a team (must be done within 7 days of registering as an individual)

  • All such individuals receive an invitation mail asking them to register in the event for FREE as Regular Participants through the provided link

  • If they fill the provided link & complete registration, they become a part of the NBA team

  • In case, the selected team member is already a part of some other team, the original team for that individual holds & the new team’s registration is null & void

NBA Team Leaderboard is created basis total sum of scores of each of the 5 team members. In case of a tie, the team with lesser total submissions will be ranked higher.


The timeline for publishing NBA Team Leaderboard would be same as that for Individual Leaderboards.

I. Benefits

The key benefits of the event are:

  • Offering all-rounded learning exposure to child

  • Inculcating a self-learning & continuous improvement mindset in children

  • Encouraging the child to try new activity/skill without any hesitation

  • Keeping the child engaged constructively at home in a low cost, high quality manner

  • Helping child experience competition in a safe, stress free manner

  • Introducing child to complete with self to become a better individual rather than complete with others

  • Help schools meet objectives of National Education Policy 2020 in a high quality and convenient manner

​Anyone should register in the event if any of the above benefits will be relevant for you and your child.

​The child receives recognition for the participation & performance in the form of digital certificates, digital medals & digital trophies.

  • 7 types of digital certificates: Merit, Elite, Ultra, Mega, Super, Star & Prime. Merit certificates include Top 3 in Overall All Rounder or Individual Development Themes at either National, Zonal, State or City level in any age category. Details for each of the certificate types can be understood in detail here.

  • Digital medals: Participation medal for every successfully attempted activity (rating of A or above)

  • 4 types of digital trophies: Gold with Stars (EX), Gold (M), Silver (I) & Bronze (B)

J. Communication protocol

Primary modes of communication related to the event would be National All Rounder Championship Facebook Group. You may join the same by clicking here.

Additionally, information may be shared through website, email, Whatsapp & YouTube as well. However, the primary source of information would be the Facebook group.

The participants would periodically receive email from KidEx on their registered email addresses for any important or critical information.

For any query, you are requested to write to Our team will typically respond within 2 working days. Kindly note the response time is calculated basis your last email to us as our team follows a Last-in-First-out philosophy for revert to emails & any repeat emails changes the last update status of the email. When in doubt on anything & how to reach us, write to


K. Acknowledgement of terms of use

By registering in the event, you are acknowledging that you have read & understood all the rules & terms & conditions of the event and will abide by the same.

  • You agree that the organizing team & management reserves the right to disqualify the child if the child’s mentioned Date of Birth is found incorrect or the child’s mentioned city of participation is found incorrect.

  • You agree that the organizing team & management reserves the right to disqualify the child if the child’s submitted activities show evidence of plagiarism.

  • You agree that the organizing team & management retains the right to cancel the child’s registration in case of misconduct, unethical behavior, misrepresentation, utilization of unfair practices, use of foul language by child, child’s parents or any of the involved partied related to the child.

  • You agree that the organizing team & management retains the right to cancel the child’s registration in case the child, their parents or any other related parties are found to be spreading misinformation or misleading other participants about the event through any actions on social media or otherwise.

  • The organizing team may change rules & guidelines if required & the same will be communicated to all via Facebook and/or Website and/or Emails. All such changes would be effective within 72 hours of communication.