Welcome to AVEVA All Rounder Kids!


AVEVA All Rounder Kids is a unique, first of its kind corporate event organized by AVEVA India in association with KidEx.

AVEVA All Rounder Kids is AVEVA India's initiative to set new standards in employee engagement practices by offering solutions to working parents to support in their child's all rounded development.

The event aims to provide all-rounded development exposure to every child and introduce them to a life-long process of self-learning & continuous improvement. The event emphasises on leadership values of AVEVA Group & enables deeper understanding of the same in the minds of extended AVEVA family. The event also, offers an opportunity to family members of AVEVA India employees to better appreciate the direct impact AVEVA's work has on the lives of millions of people in India & globally.

The event was conducted during 1st October 2020 to 31st December 2020.

The list of name of activities for the event are listed below. The links have been made inactive & are no longer clickable. Each activty was designed in age appropriate manner i.e. activty for a 5 year old was different from the activity for a 14 year old.

Activity I | Creative writing
Activity II | Yoga
Activity III | Expressions
Activity IV | Public speaking
Activity V | Mathematics
Activity VI | Commentary
Activity VII | Fitness
Activity VIII | Stand up comedy
Activity IX | Role plays
Activity X | Straight spine
Activity XI | Debating
Activity XII | Karaoke
Activity XIII | Sign language
Activity XIV| Business idea
Activity XV | Thank You
Activity XVI | Hands dexterity
Activity XVII | Fine Arts
Activity XVIII | Multi-lingual
Activity XIX | Guess estimates
Activity XX | Empathy
Activity XXI | Surya Namaskar
Activity XXII | Climate change*
Activity XXIII | Feedback
Activity XXIV | Tongue twisters
Activity XXV | Story telling
Activity XXVI | Chess
Activity XXVII | Dance
Activity XXIX | Limitless*
Activity XXX | Thumb Art*

* designates activity related to one of the AVEVA values.