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Gamified approach for child's holistic development through self-learning

30 age appropriate activities across 5 development themes

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All Rounder Champions resonate leading educators' views of future of learning

“We need to prepare students for the learnings of life rather than a particular job. This would ignite their curiosity to learn more and shape their careers.”


Prof Indira Parikh

Founder President,

Flame University

“In future, education must be imparted through 'Gamification'. That way students will get involved in the learning process. 'Simulations' can help in effective learning.”


Dr. R Raman


Symbiosis Institute

“We aim to develop creativity where it does not exist, where disruptive learning can show a student different ways of understanding concepts.”


Mrs. Anju Sharma

Principal Secretary,

Education Department

“Time has come to realize that the new generation is filled with talent. We have abundant opportunities in the market. We must prepare students for future.”


Dr. S Bhargava


IIT Bombay

Extra "employee engagement" mile


Employee’s family members are a more direct part of the company’s internal eco-system than ever.

Mature & stable organizations with strong people orientation will disrupt employee engagement practices by extending outreach to employee’s family in innovative fashion.

Multiple business houses have done it actively for a long time & many more players including MNCs will become active on this dimension.”

Arnab Kumar

Fellow, NITI Aayog

Founding team & Ex-Program Director,

Atal Innovation Mission